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back to Corsair model list Westone Corsair GT WE7400
Bound body (Wood unknown), beveled heel, satin Maple neck, Rosewood flat radius 24 fret fingerboard, reverse angled tilt back headstock.
2 single coil and 1 humbucker covered Alnico 'Heatwave' pickups
Master volume, master tone and mid/shape controls, 3 mini switches for the pickups (Coil tap on the humbucker switch)
Kahler Spyder 2710 double locking trem

Appears in the 1989 'New Horizons' catalogue  available in Black (WE7400BK), Light Blue (WE7400LB), Metallic Red (WE7400MTR), Transparent Blue (WE7400TRB) and Transparent Red (We7400TPR) .
 New prices (Oct 1989 US pricelist) were $599 for Black, Light Blue and Metallic Red finishes and $675 for Transparent Red, Transparent Blue (Pictured below) or Violin Sunburst

A post-Matsumoku model, probabnly made in Korea

Corsair GT frontCorsair GT head
Corsair GT back

A custom version of the GT was available with added DSR5 Harmonic Enhancer. Available in Black (WE7450BK), Light Blue (WE7450LB), Metallic Red (WE7450MTR), (All priced at $675, Oct 1989 pricelist), Transparent Blue (WE7450TRB) and Transparent red (WE7450TRR), both priced at $750

The picture below is of the front cover of a 1988 catalogue, the guitar on the cover is a Spectrum Series II SP6112. Apart from having a Bendmaster Deluxe trem and a non-reversed headstock, it's identical to the Corsair GT
1988 catalogue