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Westone Dimension IV (X4)

Solid Maple body, Hard Maple neck, Rosewood fingerboard, graphite nut. 25.5 inch scale, 22 frets
Pickups - Magnaflux IV single coil (Mid), Magnaflux II UBC humbuckers (Neck and bridge)

Controls - 3-way pickup selector for humbuckers
Master volume (Push/pull for coil tap)
Tone 1 (Push/pull on/off for middle pickup)
Tone 2 (Push /pull for bridge pickup phase adjust)

Bendmaster FT trem with FT string lock
Available in white with graphics stripe (X4SW) black (X4JB) or transparent red (X4TPR - an all-over finish like the Spectrum MX, even the fretboard is red)
This model first appears in the January 1985 US pricelist . By August 1986 only the red or white finishes were available, and they do not appear at all in the April 1987 pricelist.
Made by Matsumoku.

Black Dimension IVRed Dimension IVWhite Dimension IV backWhite Dimension IV body

Thanks to Charles Cazabon for the pictures below -

Buying tips - expect paint chips/damage on the body points. Check the trem is complete, parts are hard to obtain. The pickups may not be the ones listed in the catalogues - see the UBC pickups page for details