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Westone Pantera X390 (Pantera Deluxe)

Body - solid carved Maple top and back, Canadian Hard rock Maple neck (Bayonet mounted), African Ebony fingerboard
25.5 inch scale 24 frets
Pickups - 2 OFC (Oxygen Free Copper)
Controls - master volume , neck pickup tone (Push/pull for coil tap), bridge pickup tone (Push/pull for phase reverse)
Kahler standard trem system
(Above info from the Pantera catalogue)

First appears in the August 1986 US pricelist, and according to that info there were 4 variants -
X390CB - $1199, Caspian Blue finish, OFC pickups, Kahler Dlx trem
X390DBK - $699, Dull Black finish, 2 Magnaflux pickups, Bendmaster Dlx trem, pickup switching is by two push button switches (These guitars are often wrongly described by sellers as a prototype because of the unusual switches)
X390MA - $975, Curly Maple finish like the X350MA (Also known as the Deluxe), 2 Magnaflux pickups, Bendmaster Dlx trem
X390PW - $1199, Pearl White finish, OFC pickups, Kahler Dlx trem (Though not mentioned in the pricelist, these are sometimes seen with a Bendmaster Deluxe instead of the Kahler)

All models were still in production (But selling at lower prices) in Jan 1988
According toTom Presley of SLM, only 96 Pantera X390s were made
X390 bodyX390 headX390 backX390 side