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Westone Quantum bass (X850)

Two pickups (Magnaflux RB), 2 volume and one tone control, 32.25 inch scale 24 frets. Headless neck with top mounted string clamp so ordinary strings can be used instead of double ball end strings. Hard Maple body and neck, Rosewood fingerboard, graphite nut. First appearance of the 'stepped' body design
Available in Satin Black, Snow White or Red
First appeared in the Jan 1985 US pricelist at $499.50 including gig bag, (Probably introduced earlier, the serial number on mine indicates that it was made in 1984) in the August 1986 pricelist the price had increased to $529.50 and at this time it was only available in black. Does not appear in the later pricelists
Quantum front Quantum backQuantum
These were originally supplied with a gig bag, but it's unusual to come across one that still has it.  
Quantum gig bag