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Westone Raider I
Westone Raider II

According to the specs in the 1983 catalogue, the Raider I had a single pickup, single vol control, no tone control and a brass Fender style trem. The Raider II had two pickups, brass trem,  vol and tone controls and a coil tap switch

raider catalogue image

By 1984 the specs had changed, the Raider I now had the same spec as the early Raider II, but with an additional fret (22frets) and black hardware
The Raider I below appeared on Ebay in Oct 2004. (Sold for £113)

Raider I
Raider I headstock

The Raider II also gained an additional fret, and a floating trem - see the 1984 catalogue for full specs

Raider 1 review
(Courtesy of Rik M)
The Raider models do not appear in any pricelists or catalogues after 1984

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