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Westone Spectrum Series II SPB311 bass wiring

This is the wiring diagram for my SPB311. I presume it is a 1988 model as it has 24 frets and a bevelled heel.
The switches are DPDT (Active on/off) and 4PDT (Dual tone switch), the pickup selector switch is a standard SPDT (On/on/on) switch. The volume pot is 500k log, both the active and passive tone pots are 500k linear. The tone capacitor is 0.047 microfarad Mylar.

Pickups -
Neck - Magnabass IV , 6.45k per coil
Bridge - Magnabass V ,  6.59k per coil

The IC (GL358 dual operational amplifier) on the PCB is an obsolete part and may be hard or costly to obtain - if it needs replaced, an LM358 may be used instead.

Notes -
Only these wires are shown in the same colour as they are on the guitar :
I have used different colours for all the other wires to make the diagram readable - on the guitar, they are all dark blue.

Page last updated 23rd March 2007