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Westone Thunder III wiring (Passive version)

Thanks to Kieran Wynyard for valuable assistance with this one.



The black wire labelled '1' is the earth wire to the bridge.
The volume and tone pots are 500K log, the tone capacitors C1 and C2 are 22nF Mylar
Switches S1 and S3 are DPDT on/on switches, S2 is a DPDT on/on/on switch. Both S1 and S2 can be replaced by single pole equivalents if necessary.

S1 - humbucker on/off
S2 - coil select for humbucker (Either neck or bridge coil, both coils with the switch in the centre position)
S3 - bridge pickup phase reverse

Pots -
Volume - master volume
Tone 1 - tone control for the humbucker
Tone 2 - tone control for the bridge pickup

The neck pickup connects directly to the pickup switch and from there to the volume control, the tone controls have no effect on this pickup.