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Westone X70

I have no info on this one, I hope someone out there can tell me more. I believe (Judging from the one review at www.harmony-central.com) that it has coil tap, presumably one of the pots is a pull switch. Thanks to Alex for the photos

UPDATE 13th March 2006 - info from the 1986 German catalogue
Body - Japanese Ash
Neck and fingerboard - Hard Maple
Graphite nut
65cm (25.5 inch) scale, 22 frets
Pickups - Magnaflux III (Neck), Magnaflux I UBC (Bridge)
Controls - master volume and master tone (Push-pull for coil tap), 3 way pickup selector switch
Sustainer bridge (Through body stringing), chrome hardware
Only available in a natural finish

X70 frontX70 backX70 frontX70 backX70 headstock

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